Wednesday, July 2, 2008

amputee...or sexutee?

This is interesting.

The BBC has a reality show for models with disabilities. Of course it follows the standard reality template - do something silly, have your picture taken, have your picture over analyzed by blowhards, get voted off.

My money is on Jenny. She's the lone American on the show. She was rejected as an America's Next Top Model contestant because of the way she walks (due to partial paralysis). I hope she earns the right to tell that nut job Tyra to shove it.

People with disabilities are edgy this year. First there was the deaf-produced Pepsi ad:

Then came the Sarah Reinertsen Lincoln commercial:

And now a group of disabled babes have their own reality show.

Someone let me know if there's ever an "America's Hottest Gimpy Guy" show. Me & my shrinky-dink left arm would totally rock that bitch.

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