Sunday, July 13, 2008

gut bomb

Lifetime was a huge disappointment for me this year. I came out of the water in 35 minutes, which was about where I thought I'd be. T1 went well. I felt good on the bike. In retrospect, I went a little too hard in to the wind. I came off the bike in 1:09 and change, which is my second fastest bike split ever.

Then came the run. I don't know what happened, but after 200 meters it felt like a grenade went off in my stomach. It was the worst cramping I have ever experienced. I actually dry-heaved a few times. I took a little sip of water at each aid station, and started to feel better at mile 4. By mile 4.5 my cramp came back in a bad way, and I was forced to walk for the first time ever in an Olympic distance event.

I ended up running a 48:49 10K. I should have been 10-11 minutes faster. The biggest disappointment was that I did a ton of speedwork & hill workouts to prepare for this race, and none of it mattered because I cramped so bad.

It's quite a shock to go from an age group win & 16th overall last year to 39th in my age group and 256th overall. Last year I went sub-2:20,this year I finished in 2:38 and change.

At the finish I bumped in to my tri-buddy Bart. Before the race he asked how my arm was doing. After the race, when I told him it didn't go well, he said "Well, at least you're still out here racing." I need to keep telling myself that.

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