Wednesday, July 30, 2008

good morning

I've decided to say good morning more often. On my daily bike commute I see at least 50 other bikers, most of them on the Midtown Greenway. If I make eye contact with an oncoming cyclist, I'll give them a nod. When passing aanother biker, I say "on your left".

This morning I passed a woman on the bike superhighway & she said "good morning". It actually took me by surprise. I sort of stammered out a 'good morning' in reply.

Which got me to thinking, why don't I say 'hello' or 'good morning' to everyone? There I am, out in the fresh air instead of stuck in car, on a beautiful summer day, and I'm ignoring everyone I see. Strange.

I have noticed that cyclists and runners (myself included) act different if the weather sucks. The worse the conditions, the friendlier we become. The last time I rode home in a thunderstorm everyone was saying hi. I was chatting with other bikers at stop lights. Last January I ran 8 miles on a 15 below zero morning. Runners were practically shouting 'good morning' from 50 feet away. It's like an "I'm crazy, you're crazy, let's be buddies" type of thing.

Anyway, I'm going to say good morning more often.


nordicjules said...

Good Evening Colin!
Ben told me about your blog... so i check it out when i can. You're a pretty amazing guy! That Marn is a smart (and fortunate) gal to have snatched you up. :)

Col-i was wondering if I can link to your blog from Luther News... I'd like to do more young alumni stuff, and thought of you.

Whaddya think?

Hope all is well-hi to that beautiful blond wife of yours. Hugs and kisses and all that other mushy junk,
julie (shockey)

colin said...

Link away, Jules!