Monday, July 21, 2008

cute overload

This past weekend I took a break from racing & did some volunteering at the Miracle Kids Triathlon at Lake Nokomis. It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I started at 7:00 with race setup. That involved a few hours of hammering re-bar in to the ground for fencing. During the morning I met up with a couple of bike course volunteers. I biked to the lake, so I figured I'd give them a hand too once the race was underway.

I'm glad I did. I rode one lap of the race the same direction the kids were racing, then reversed direction & rode 4 more laps. My job was to cheer them on & help out with any mechanical issues or crashes. Watching an hour worth of little kids hammering away on tiny bmx bikes was just adorable. There were some older kids with road bikes who were out there to win. I think there were far more kids in the 10 & under division, and they were more fun to watch. Big smiles all around.

The second kid out of T1 was a girl riding an upright comfort bike. One of the volunteers said she was 12 years old, riding between 17-21mph AND she was chatting away the entire time! There's a future pro in the making.

There's another Miracle Kids tri August 16 in Chanhassen. Volunteer if you're near by. It's a fun time.

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