Monday, July 27, 2009

quiz answers

Here are the answers to yesterday's test for heavy metal:

1) Bassist Cliff Burton
2) C
3) Hellfest
4) A
5) F,E,A,C,B,D
6) Motörhead
7) All of them are horrible, but A is the best answer as evidenced by this atrocity.
8) The Umlaut
9) Judas Priest & Dokken
10) None more black



shockstar said...

i just want to know how to get a keyboard equipped with an umlaut.

colin said...

If you're on a Mac, you hit "option + u" and then type the vowel you want the umlaut over. Shöckstär rules!

Diesel said...

I suck, I did not test positive for heavy metals. Is that good or bad? I had to google diacritic to answer number 8 wrong.

Cool blog, good to keep tabs on you.