Monday, September 15, 2008

time to start stopping

Yesterday I performed minor surgery to my Karate Monkey's rear brake lever.

I straightened it out a bit using a bench vice & a bar clamp for leverage. I mainly use the vice for opening jars of salsa, so it was nice to once again have a legitimate use for the thing.

The dual lever setup worked well in early backyard tests. I'll take it out on the trails after the Twin Cities Marathon & see how it works. I can ride most of the stuff around here with just a front brake. The real test will be biking Decorah. They have some of the most sadistic trails in the mid west down there.

A suspension fork might be necessary before I try riding Decorah again. Last year, Dead Pet (awesome name for a trail, no?) chewed me up & spit me out. I think it kept one of my collar bones.

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