Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i know some pretty amazing people, but this takes the cake

Many of my friends from college have reached amazing career highs in less than ten years. I know MBAs, attorneys, business owners & more than one person with the prefix "Dr."

I'm happy to say a fellow Art major from Luther is currently the one blowing my mind. If you were to go to Barak Obama's website, and visit his online store, you'd find this T-shirt for sale.

The shirt is part of a celebrity-designed collection for Obama. While the design is attributed to Beyoncé Knowles' label, House of Deron, anyone who was at Luther College in 1999 will immediately recognize it as the work of Scott Nylund.

Scott is the Design Director for all three of Beyoncé's fashion lines. Design Director. I've never met an art director who was younger than 40, and Scott is directing 3 labels less than 10 years after graduating. Groove on that.

The reason anyone who was at Luther in '99 will recognize his work is due to his senior show posters. His illustrated models still strike the same poses they did in college. His senior runway fashion show will never be topped.

The two of us worked together on a T-shirt design for a big frat party (Trout Fry '99, for those of you who went to Luther). I will now forever be bragging about that shirt. "Oh you saw Tom Hanks at the airport? Well I once collaborated with Beyoncé's design director. Bow down, bitch."

Bow down indeed. Fine work, Mr. Nylund.

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