Friday, September 12, 2008

new toy

I learned recently that there's a 40% chance that monomelic amyotrophy will affect (is it affect or effect? I never can remember how to use those) the opposite limb to a lesser degree. Turns out I'm part of that 40%. My thumb web muscle has started to atrophy over the last few weeks. My right hand grip strength has decreased to 70 pounds of force. Last year it was in the 90-95lb range.

I don't often (ever) try to lift anything over 70lbs, so I don't really notice it. My chopstick form has gone to hell, but that's the only detriment thus far.

In an attempt to limit my losses, I bought a new toy. I'm hoping the Grip Saver Plus by Metolius will do as it's name implies and save my grip.

I've played with it twice now, and it doe a nice job of working all of the forearm muscles. Hopefully it will help me retain my legendary kung fu grip.

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