Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more press

I'm telling you, 2008 is the year for people with disabilities! I mentioned the BBC TV show & US commercials in an earlier post. There's also the upcoming film Quid Pro Quo and Sarah Reinertsen just got some more press on the cover of Twin Cities Sports. That woman is unstoppable! I need her PR machine.

I'm also doing my part to spread the word that gimpy athletes are out there & prepared to demolish your healthy ass in any athletic endeavor. I was interviewed last month for Mid West Events magazine & this week I'm featured on my alma mater's News page. (thanks, Julie!)

It's a far cry from magazine covers or national TV spots, but they say any publicity is good publicity.

Spread the word. Triathletes armed with three or fewer working limbs are coming for you. We can not be stopped. We can not be slowed down. The podium is our goal. We may or may not devour your soul in the process.

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