Monday, August 18, 2008

first place, Women 30-34?

I won the women's 30-34 age group at the Lake Marion Tri yesterday. That's right. Women 30-34.

When I picked up my packet they had me listed as a man. Apparently the timing guys thought I looked a little femmey on race morning. Not sure how that mix-up occured, but they had me categorized as a chick.

I should have worn my wetsuit despite the 80 degree water temp. I swam a 21:18 750 meters, or 2:36/100yd pace. I've never swam that slow in my life! There was a headwind for part of the course, but I can't believe it slowed me down that much.

The bike was surprisingly hilly & windy. I averaged 21mph for 20K - pretty slow. The run was non stop rolling hills. Easily the toughest 5K I've run. I turned in a cruddy 20:30 or 6:36 pace. Granted, I did a tempo run on Saturday & this race was just a tune up for Chicago next weekend, but a 20:30? Ouch.

The pressure is off for Chicago. Aaron Scheities (blind guy & PC Tri world record holder) will be competing. It's a given that he'll stomp the tar out of the rest of us even if he has a bad day. He's the only PC triathlete to ever break 2 hours.

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