Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There will be Guac

Last post I put out a call for everyone to drop what they were doing & invent an avocado-scooper-outer so I could continue making guacamole. Turns out it already exists:

The avocado gods have smiled upon me. By avocado gods, I mean my friend Ali, who sent me this link.

Wouldn't it be something if I actually prayed before the altar of avocado gods? Why in the world would I need polytheistic sub-tropical fruit deities? You think one avocado lord would be enough. Oh well, it still wouldn't be as weird as Scientology.

In tri-related news, Strib columnist Stephen Regenold has a great writeup on the growth of youth triathlons. Good stuff.

In not related to anything news, this track is blowing my mind:

It's a techno mix comprised almost entirely out of audio from Alice in Wonderland. I don't particularly like techno, but I can't stop listening to this track. It's just so freakin' chill. If I pulled a Lewis Carroll & took hallucinogenic drugs, this would be the soundtrack to my trip. Of course I won't do that, because drugs are bad. Just say no, kids.

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