Friday, May 2, 2008

May is a busy month

May is 2 things to two very different groups of people. It is Bike to Work Month and ALS Awareness month. Unfortunately, I doubt there's much cross-over.

I bike to work every month, so nothing really changes for me. The only difference is I'm going to take a slightly longer route on the way home, which will give a weekly tally of 100 miles. It's a more scenic route (Uptown lakes & Minnehaha parkway) than my normal route (midtown greenway, Portland Ave, 42nd Street) so it should be fun.

For ALS month, I'm going to do something this year. I may run a 5K that benefits ALSA, but I need to make sure that's the official race charity. If not, I might just donate to the cause. I spent a year thinking I had ALS, and it was pretty god damn scary. There was more than one occasion when a muscle twitch sent me into a sobbing panic.

Luther alum and sports junkie Nick has some tips on his blog for raising ALS awareness. Check it out.

I recommend getting one of these & wearing it while you bike to work.

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