Friday, October 17, 2008


I love winning stuff.

After the Chicago triathlon, I didn't stick around for awards. I didn't have a particularly good race, we had to check out of the hotel, and I didn't know if there were PC division awards. Also, I was in a bad mood because the bike course was a disaster with potholes & pavement cracks everywhere. My forearms hurt from bunny hopping holes in the aero position. Ever bunny hop while traveling 23mph and steering with your elbows? It's scary.

Anyhoo, I received a FedEx package this week which contained my Chicago awards(I finished 2nd in the PC division). Second place was good enough for a big ass silver medal, a TYR duffel bag, silicone swim cap, and goggles. Far out! I'd have hung out for the awards if I knew I had goodies coming.

Chicago will have to make some changes before I race there again. 9000 people is way too many for that course to support. If the cut the field to 4000 or less, completely resurfaced the bike course & changed it from 2 laps to 1, I'd go back.

Racing a debacle like that makes me realize how good we have it in Minnesota. From June-August there are 2 or 3 races every weekend. The big ones like Lifetime are just as well run as small races like Lake Minnetonka. We've got it good.

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Anna said...

...but do Minnesota races give you free stuff??? Maybe the Chicago folks are trying to compensate for the course by hooking you up with handouts. That, or your Polish last name got you bonus points from the locals.