Monday, October 6, 2008


Welcome to Coldsville. Population: me.

Yesterday I had a big fat Did Not Finish at the Twin Cities Marathon. Everything was going well through mile five. I was right on pace, ticking of 7:20 miles. Then the light mist turned in to a light rain. My left arm got cold. Really cold. By mile 7, the light rain was a regulation downpour. By mile 8, my left arm was totally numb & totally useless. It just hung lifelessly for the rest of the race.

Mile 9 as the last time I grabbed a drink. Despite wearing warm gloves, my right hand got too cold to function. I fumbled for a GU, but couldn't pull open the tiny velcro closure on my shorts pocket. I tried grabbing water at miles 11 & 13, but couldn't hold on to a cup.

At 35th Ave I figured I could continue for 2.5 miles & hop off the course at a medical tent, or turn around & run 2.5 miles home. Continuing meant getting wrapped in a space blanket & waiting for the sag wagon to take me to the finish. Going home meant hopping in a hot shower and calling Marney so she wouldn't stick around the finish waiting for me. Easy call.

So, I ended up running 17 miles & change in 2 hours & change. At least I'll recover quickly & be on the bike or roller skis quickly. Next time it rains in a race, I'll have to wear some neoprene kayaking gloves or something. That or duct tape little chemical hand warmers to both sides of my thumb.

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Nathan said...

No worries man. You ran hard and you are aware of your limits. Next time you'll be ready for all that Mother Nature can throw. You've got a good race in you. I hope you have a chance to get back out again this fall!