Tuesday, December 15, 2009

irons in the fire

I'll be busy this week with a little altruistic side project, so I won't have much to post for a bit. Just for fun, here's a quiz...what do you think is occupying my time?

a) Tiger Woods damage control
b) "Reading" the Tara Reid Playboy issue
c) Building a website for a friend in need
d) Assassinating the Arch-Duke
e) Round-the-clock beer bongs

Here's some music to help you think.


Ali said...

Tara Reid? And your last post referenced a possible affair with Lindsey Lohan? Seriously, if I didn't know how fabulous your wife was, I would SERIOUSLY question your taste in women!!

Anna said...

Blast that infernal Arch-Duke! He's had this coming to him for a long time now...