Thursday, May 7, 2009

well that worked out

Yesterday I called up One on One and asked if they had a 20" Swobo Otis in stock. They did not. They did, however, have a 16.5" bike and a 20 inch frame in stock & said it would take a day to swap over the parts.

Game on.

Turns out it wasn't a 20" Otis frame they had. It was a Folsom. The most overbuilt, badass, jet black frame I've ever seen. I now have what amounts to a three speed, coaster brake equipped, gigantic bmx bike.

I sit upright enough to not fatigue my arms, and I now have a rear brake I can actually use. There's also a front disc brake I plan on using to facilitate rad endos. There's even a built-in bottle opener under the seat. Bitchin'.

Oh, my first trip on thing was a ride over to 48th and Chicago for a beer. Pictures coming soon.

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Chandler said...

How did this turn out?