Monday, June 2, 2008

when last I rocked

Last Friday, I was playing cards with my wife & enjoying some nice tunes from my iPod.

Then a song came along and ruined my day.

And I absolutely love the song that ruined my day. It was "Get Off" by the Dandy Warhols. They are among the damn finest bands you'll find. Here's why hearing them sucked...

As soon as I heard "Get Off", I realized something terrible. That was the last song I played when I was able to play the standard, "right-handed" guitar.

In January of 2007, I knew my left hand was dying. My guitar playing was quickly going to shit. So...when I determined the end was near...I took stock of the chords I could play. I knew immediately what the best option was. It was the Dandys.

On a night in January, when my wife worked late & I had the house to myself, I rocked the hell out. I cranked that track on the stereo & played along. At the time, it was my final farewell to guitar. I played that tune at least 6 times in a row. I sang the lead & harmony alternately. I played guitar behind my head. I tried to blow the windows out of the house. I rocked it out like I had mere months to live...because I thought I had months to live

Hearing that ditty the other day was just sad. I have never missed guitar like that. While my wife dealed cards, I pretended to tear up due to a pollen allergy. That wasn't the case.

I'd honestly give another limb, just to make a little psychadelic prog-rock again. Man, I wish I could play that song.

Dandys rule, OK?

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RunColo said...


Hope all is well. From your fellow Luther, Class of 2000, alumni.

I didn't know you were doing triathlons, nice work.