Tuesday, April 29, 2008

zip-locked out

My ziplock bag-opening days are done. The meager amount of pinch strength I can generate (around 2 pounds of force) isn't enough to pull the ziplock open.

In most situations like this, I'd just use my teeth to open the bag. Last night the bag was full of marinading raw chicken. The teeth option did not seem like the wisest course of action. I've never had salmonella before, but an epidemiologist friend tells me it's no picnic. Unless your idea of a picnic is spending a day or two on the toilet. Then salmonella is a friggin festival.

In other news, I spent an hour adding 2 links to my bike chain last night. That job used to take 10 minutes. I better love having a 46 tooth chainring on the Cross Check, because I won't be switching back to a 42 for some time.

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