Thursday, April 3, 2008

up & running

Behold, in all it's splendor, the monomelic-amyotrophy-tasic blog!

This baby sprang from a post I made on the MDRA blog last year.Not long after making the post another blogger commented on how it took forever for her son to be diagnosed with monomelic amyotrophy. A few months later another woman commented on her boyfriend likely having it, not being able to find info online about it.

I mean, people are googling this motor neuron disorder, and finding a running blog. That's how little info there is out there. All we know is there is no cure or treatment, and there are fewer than 200,0000 cases nation-wide.

And I thought to myself, "That's just nuts."

So that's where
monomelic-amyotrophy-tasic! comes from. I'll be blogging about the disorder, how it impacts everything from swimming to biking to cooking, and I'll even link to pertinent medical research, should any be produced.

I'll no doubt be ranting about other stuff as well. It is an election year after all.

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