Thursday, March 10, 2011

at last

My power chair arrives tomorrow! It comes at the perfect time of year too—every morning there is a nice thin layer of ice (from snow melt) on nearly every horizontal surface in town. I'm going to drive like a damn lunatic on that ice.

Picture this, only with a wheelchair.


Greg said...

Hopefully you roll it less than Block does. Congrats on the new hooptie.

Danny said...

You should be clocking sixty easy ;)

Doug said...

Two questions:

1) It's cool with you if I re-create the scene where he's whipping repeated doughnuts around the guy on the Segway while you're riding down the street, right?

2) Do you think my boss will mind if I use the company car for said doughnuts?

Anna said...

don't worry about ice. it will melt under your WHEELS OF FIRE.