Sunday, October 10, 2010


About 10 minutes after I came up with the design for this year's ALS walk shirts, I thought to myself, “that would make a kick-ass tattoo.” Turns out it does make a pretty kick-ass tattoo.


I went to St. Sabrina's in uptown to get a price quote, and to ask about tweaking or shading my design. they had an opening, so I figured “what the hell?”

It's worth mentioning that St. Sabrina's has one tattoo room on the main floor, and the rest are upstairs. Stairs are kind of scary for me to navigate. Taylor, my artist, was nice enough to leave her upstairs station and come down to the main level to do my tattoo. Good stuff.

I've tried to convince Marney and that she should get a giant tattoo of my skull on her back. She wasn't having it.

I need to think of a nickname for my design. So far the front runner is disabilideath, but I think I can do better.


Sarah said...

sweeeeeet! Super bad ass.... I'll work on Marney to see what I can do to change her mind.

Charlie said...

wicked cool

shockstar said...

speaking of things that are definitely metal...that is righteous.