Wednesday, August 11, 2010

T-shirt ideas

Here are my first two design ideas for this year's AlS walk team shirt. They are a bit more hardcore than last year. I recommend listening to this while you look at the designs. Click for a larger view.

Option one:

Option two:

We are planing on printing kids shirts again this year, so I don't think option two has much of a chance. However, it might look really cool on a bumper sticker.


Ali said...

First, I love the 2nd one SO MUCH. But I wouldn't be able to wear it anywhere.

Second, I love the 1st one, too!!! Especially his eyes and eyebrows - CLEVER!!

Doug said...

Option 1 is probably the coolest thing I've seen this week!

Anna said...

option 2 is my favorite...and i would wear it EVERYWHERE.

oh, it's your birthday now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!!!!!!!!!

Anna said...

PS. pig destroyer! yeah!!!!!! you rule.

Joha said...

I love option 2! Can you imagine kids wearing that?!?