Tuesday, June 8, 2010

they say bad things come in threes...

...Which is why I decided to break my eye socket in three places. You'd think two would have been enough. I was just showing off. Want to see what a broken eye socket looks like up close?

Look at that! Wow!! Can you believe that? My sideburns are out of control!

Oh, it seems I've also demolished my face.

Here's another view of my beautiful baby blues.

Uhh, I mean bloodshot reds.

My modeling career is over before it began. Fortunately, most people don't mind if their web designer looks kinda like Joseph Merrick.


Ali said...

Ok, I had to google Joseph Merrick and all I gotta say about that is, "Bitch, please!"

You are adorable, and no amount of broken face bones can hide it!

Charlie said...

Very nice Colin,

I have often wondered what a broken eye socket looks like! And in three places, nice. Great tale to go with the photos!