Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fancy new technology

I have some spiffy new software called Mac Dictate. It translates the words I say into a microphone into text on the screen. In fact, I'm just saying the words to this post I'm not typing them. This might be phase 1 in computers taking over and ruling the world, but I don't care, because it's freaking awesome.

it doesn't recognize everything I say just yet. It keeps thinking my wife's name is Monday or money & not Marney. of course the first thing I teach it will be how to recognize swear words. Let's take it for a test drive...

Mother Fokker

okay, I stand corrected, there is only one swear word it didn't recognize. it knew six out of seven words of George Carlin's seven words you can't say on television. I must reiterate, this software is freaking awesome.

I kind of feel like Capt. Kirk talking to the enterprise. "Computer. Plot a course to Alpha Centauri." on second thought I feel more like Capt. Jean-Luc Picard. Picard was a pimp. he rocked that bald head better than anyone in the universe. Incidentally, Dictate abbreviated captain and hyphenated Jean-Luc all on its own. Groove on that.

Now that I don't need to type with just two fingers, I'll be able to blog more with less frustration. Sweet! I wonder if it would understand me if I were totally wasted. Computer, pass the Jamison.

Hooray for technology!


Ali said...

Not that this will surprise you, but I totally have a massive crush on Captain Picard. He is HOT! Glad you can recognize his pimp-ness also.

Scott said...

a -- dictate does indeed rock. It's kept me connected online way longer than my stupid hands ever could.
Second -- Captain Picard is easily my favorite non-real person hero. He fought in Iraq. He fought in rocks. He flopped and rocks. Okay, so much for dictated doing my swearwords.

Anna said...

does anyone else find it strange that jean-luc picard didn't have a french accent? i mean with a name like that...
but maybe if he had a thick french accent, the ship wouldn't have understood him! how does dictate handle accents?

shockstar said...

disappointment #1...it misspelled jameson. you need to learn that fancy program a thing or two.