Wednesday, December 31, 2008

there's hope for the future

Kids are hilarious.

Last weekend, my little 7 year old cousin-in-law & I did a little post-xmas rocking out on my drum set. I kept time on the high hat while she wailed on the toms & occasionally gave the ride a workout.

After a couple of "songs" (each of which ended when she hit the crash cymbal) she said, "Let's play another one!" She then proceeded to raise her little arms above her head, band her drum sticks together four times, and count off "One, two, three four!" before tearing in to another song.

She never saw me do that, she just did it on her own. Maybe she's in to Loverboy or something.

I wish I was that cool when I was seven.

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Anna said...

you may not have played the drums when you were seven...but you did do a pretty sweet rendition of "popeye the sailor man" (toot-toot), complete with the pattented scrunched-up-eye and swinging arms. that's pretty cool...